Cheap Training Courses from £99

Training at Prices that Won't Hurt Your Budget

99 Training is a new service from Activia Training that brings you the lowest prices in the market. As you’d expect, prices start at just £99 and we’re constantly looking for ways to save you money so you get the most from the budget you have.

Whether you are a manager with staff to train, or an individual who wants to improve your skills, we have solutions for you.

We are able to bring you:
Special offers
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Areas of Training

We offer training in four areas – all designed to increase vital skills that will improve productivity, motivation and effectiveness.

Job Search

Although the job market is competitive, most people are not trained to find a job. By attending our workshops, you will acquire skills that push you a long way up the ladder!

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Business Skills

There are many general skills that can be applied to most jobs, and these will help you to succeed in almost any office environment.

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Computer and IT Skills

From people who lack familiarity with computers to those who are accomplished users but want to take their skills to higher levels, we provide the perfect solution.

Our workshops are friendly, hands-on, and will help you to acquire skills in a supportive environment and in the shortest possible time.

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Job Skills

If you want to learn about the skills required to perform a specific job more efeectively, we have a huge range of courses that deal with specific jobs.

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